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What to do if there is herpes after cosmetic lip blush tattoo: methods of struggle



In the case of reduced immunity after the permanent lip blush tattoo procedure, an exacerbation of herpes can develop. Several drugs stop the spread of the virus and eliminate the signs of the disease. To prevent herpes exacerbation after the lip blushing tattoo, it is necessary to consult a specialist before the procedure and take the drugs he advises.

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Why does herpes appear after the lip tattoo?

Herpes, after the permanent lip tattoo, appears because of micro-traumas of the skin, which are formed as a result of mechanical intervention. The virus can be in the body since infancy and does not make itself felt until a particular moment. The reason for the appearance of symptoms is a decrease in immunity or the use of non-sterile tools.

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Herpes, after lip tattooing Melbourne, is dangerous because it can disrupt the rooting of the pigment in the skin. It is fraught with gaps in the dye, the violation of the contour, and heterogeneity of color. It is possible to correct these defects during the correction, which is performed after the skin has fully healed.

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How to prepare for the procedure?

Avoiding herpes after a lip line tattoo is possible if you follow the recommendations of the master:

Refrain from staying in the sun and sauna for one week before the procedure;

Do not drink alcohol the day before the tattoo;

Take an antiviral medication for herpes for a week before the session.

Masters recommend a tattoo in the summer when the body's defenses are high enough.

Medications to prevent the emergence of a rash

To prevent an exacerbation of herpes after a permanent lip, you can take antiviral drugs for prophylactic purposes. And this can be done not only to persons with a tendency to herpetic rashes but also to all people before the lip tattoo because anyone can be a carrier of the virus and find herpes after lipstick tattoo.

Effective drugs against the virus:

  1. "Acyclovir" is the most common remedy. The low-toxicity drug is used orally for preventive purposes. If the symptoms manifest after tattooing, "Acyclovir" is recommended to use both internally and externally as an ointment or gel. A week before the procedure, you should take 400 mg tablets 2 times a day.

  2. "Penciclovir" is an analog of "Acyclovir" with a more prolonged effect. It is used for frequent herpetic rashes.

  3. "Tromandatin" - A derivative of "Acyclovir". The active substances in the drug slow down the spread of the virus, reduce the area of space, and stimulate the immune system to fight herpes.

  4. "Zovirax" is an analog of "Acyclovir." The drug is active against the causative agents of the virus. For preventive purposes, it reduces the likelihood of rashes.

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How to treat herpes after lip tattooing

What to do if herpes has nevertheless made itself felt after a tattoo lipstick? The following drugs level the disease:

  • "Tetracycline ointment" is used for purulent foci of inflammation. When the first symptoms appear, the timely use of the remedy can stop the worsening of the virus and buy its manifestations in 2 days.

  • "Oxolinum ointment" has a potent antiviral activity. The drug is characterized by rapid absorption. Clinical studies have confirmed the safety of the remedy. The ointment eliminates itching and redness, relieves swelling, and stimulates rapid regeneration of damaged skin.

  • "Immunol" strengthens the immune system and suppresses the virus that affects the body's healthy cells.

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How to prevent herpes after tattooing

Even if you are prone to herpetic rashes, it does not mean that tattooing is contraindicated to you. With the right approach and all precautions, you can avoid herpes after cosmetic lip tattoos.

What you need to do before you decide to get permanent lip makeup:

  • Pay attention to your immune system a month before the procedure. Consult with a specialist and take a vitamin and mineral complex. Timely intake of vitamins will support the immune system and normalize metabolism;

  • If you have already had exacerbations of herpes in the past, visit your dermatologist. A specialist will recommend affordable and safe medications that are most effective in your case;

  • Adhere to a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition. Eliminate alcohol and spicy and fatty foods so as not to disrupt the intestinal microflora and metabolism.

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How do I take care of my lip tattoo after the procedure?

During the tattooing procedure, the skin is damaged, and the body needs time to recover. The first day after the tattoo, redness, and swelling will appear on the skin. Cold compresses, and chlorhexidine lotions can help relieve the symptoms. Treat your lips with the latter up to 8 times a day. Chlorhexidine has antiseptic properties and eliminates itching and painful sensations.

What should you do to prevent herpes after permanent ombre lips makeup? You can use antiviral medications. To enhance the effect of ointments, also take antiviral medicines orally. Use a cosmetic Vaseline to soften the crusts that have formed. Do not use decorative cosmetics during the entire recovery period. Do not visit the sauna or swimming pool for two weeks after tattooing. Until the crusts descend, avoid contact with the lips with water, and drink through a straw. You are washing your face in the first week after the procedure is not recommended. Use micellar water.

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